Terms Of Service

Terms of Service

Dear users, welcome to browse this website. Before browsing Please carefully read the following terms of service:

The parties to the site of the service agreement with the user, the service agreement legally binding.

After you read the service agreement, the service agreement is between you and this site is to produce legal effects. Please be sure to read carefully before browsing all of the services agreement, if there is any doubt, consult to this website.

No matter whether you are in fact read carefully before browsing the service agreement, as long as you click on the Site, your conduct indicates that you still agree to this Terms of Service.

1. This site is confirmed and accepted Terms of Service

This site is the ownership and operation of the service belong to the website owner.


2. Users must

(1) the Internet with the necessary equipment, including personal computer, modem or other access device.
(2) their own personal online paid for this service and the cost of telephone and network costs.

3. Users on this site may not publish these illegal information:
(1) against the Constitution established the basic principles;
(2). Endangering national security, leaking state secrets, subverting the government, undermining national unity;
(3). Harm national honor and interests;
(4) inciting ethnic hatred or ethnic discrimination, undermining national unity;
(5). Undermining national religious policy, promoting cults and feudal superstition;
(6). Spread rumors, disturbs social order or undermines social stability;
(7). Spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terrorism or abetting a crime;
(8). Insult or slander others, infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests;
(9). Contains the laws and administrative regulations prohibit the other content.

4. Terms of Service changes
The website reserves the right to modify the terms of service when necessary, the website terms of service in the event of change, will be an important page in the prompt changes. If you do not agree to change the content, the user can cancel browse our website. If you continue to browse our website, it is deemed to accept the terms of service change. The website reserves the right to modify or discontinue the service without notifying the user's rights. This site is exercising the right to modify or discontinue the service, without the user or any third party.

5. User privacy system
Respect user privacy is a basic policy of this website. So, this site will not be without legal authority when users open, edit, or disclose its information and stored in the site in the non-public, unless there are legal or licensing requirements in good faith on the basis that the information disclosed in the The following four conditions are necessary:
(1) comply with the law, to comply with the legal service program.
(2) Maintain the trademark ownership of the site.
(3) In case of emergency to safeguard personal privacy and the public's safety.
(4) comply with other relevant requirements.
The website reserves demographic analysis published consultation rights.


6. Refused to provide guarantees
This site does not guarantee services will not be interrupted, the timeliness of service, security, mistakes do not occur as a guarantee, but it will be within the ability to avoid making mistakes.


7. Limited Liability
This site is for any direct, indirect, incidental, special and following the damage from irresponsible, the damage from: improper use of the Service, or transmit information to the user such non-compliance. These acts may result in damage to the image of this site, so this site prior to the possibility of such damages, and it will try to avoid the occurrence of such damage.

8. Information storage and restrictions
This site is determined whether the user's behavior on this website terms of service requirements and the spirit of the rights, if the user violates the terms of service of this site, this site has the right to interrupt its services.

9. User Management
Users must follow:
(1) the use of information services for illegal purposes.
(2) does not interfere with or confusion network services.
(3) comply with all services, network protocols, regulations, procedures and practices. Conduct is based on the user's Internet regulations, policies, procedures and practices as a basis.

10. Safeguard
Users agree to protect and safeguard the interests of the Site, responsible for the payment by the user beyond the scope of legal fees in violation of the terms of service compensation for damage to other people to use the user's computer and other intellectual property rights of recourse costs.

11. End of service
Or users of this site can be interrupted at any time according to the actual situation of one or more services. This site is not to any individual or third party at any time interrupt service. Users who object to any terms of service recommendations or modify the terms of the subsequent objections, or dissatisfied with the services of this website, the user can exercise the following rights:
(1) no longer use this site.
(2) notify the site to stop the users of the service.
End user services, users of this site the right to suspend immediately. Since then, users have no right, this site has no obligation to send any pending or completed information services to users or third parties.

12. Notice
All notices can be distributed to users through important pages or e-mail or regular mail delivery. Terms of service changes, service changes, or other important events notices will be conducted.

13. Ownership of content
The information content of the site definition include: text, software, sound, photographs, video, graphics; entire contents in the ad; This site provides users with additional information. All contents are protected by copyright, trademarks, labels and other property ownership laws. Therefore, the user only in this site and advertisers authorization to use such content, but not unauthorized copying, recycled content, or create content-related derivative products.

14. Legal
Information on this website terms of service consistent with the PRC legal interpretation. Users and the site location agreed to submit to the Site the competent court of jurisdiction. In the event of the Terms of Service and the People's Republic contrary to law, these provisions will be fully re-interpretation of the law, while other provisions are still maintain the user's binding.