Sinai Te is the world's leading power and new energy solutions provider, as a professional commitment to the field of new energy supply company with great strength, power and new energy is the Sinai Te two areas go hand in hand. Sinai Te main products are divided into five categories: inverters, uninterruptible power supplies, solar controller, solar charge controller inverter and battery integrated areas, covering the electricity, infrastructure, and industrial three major markets. Sinai Te Since its inception, Sinai Te has been one of the pioneers of new energy sources worldwide. Sinai Te global sales of over 300 million yuan, Sinai Te Currently in China already has 1,200 employees and three manufacturers, 30 customer service centers and over 50 sales points. Seven branches, five regional offices, a new energy power supply and two new energy battery research and development centers, more than 30 agents and a nationwide sales network.

Sinai Te small power type 300W to 10000W series inverters, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), Solar Controller 10A to 120A, integrated solar charge controller inverter 300W to 10000W and Battery 24AH to 200AH gel or lead-acid battery products exports to Africa, Asia and Brazil and other developing markets, to developing economic, environmental and social bring about positive change. Actively working with partners to promote sustainable development in developing countries to make a positive contribution to enriching people's green living. Sinai Te through leading green solutions that help countries to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, and create the best social, economic and environmental benefits. Sinai Te of grid-connected inverter, in developed countries in Europe and the United States family widely used, Sinai Te profound understanding of the importance of providing green solutions. Therefore, operations, products and services, implementation of the "Green World" strategy. Sinai Te hope in its own energy conservation at the same time, society as a whole to promote energy conservation and environmental protection.

Sinai Te focusing on customer needs continuous innovation, win-win cooperation with partners. In government, military, finance, telecommunications, electricity, transportation, research institutes, hospitals, manufacturing and other areas to build a home safe, reliable power solutions advantage. 3 Research and Development Center has been committed to the global inverter (grid or off-grid), new energy battery, solar controller, high frequency inverters, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) hardware and software research and development, with a focus on industry technology innovation. The leading-edge technology into a competitive advantage for our customers and business advantage.

Sinai Te products can meet various fields, the needs of users in different sectors. Sinai Te power and other aspects of the new product's continued commitment and great contribution to the industry unanimously approved. To provide customers with safe, reliable, stable, intelligent, efficient and environmentally friendly power products is China Sinai Te painstaking pursuit of all staff.

The spirit of "customer first, continuous innovation, integrity and development" concept. Customer needs and customer service, the direction of our work and value of the evaluation scale. We only have a sincere heart magnanimous, to what it preaches and promises. Integrity is our most important intangible assets. Sinai Te adhere to the faith to win customers.

With business booming in China, Sinai Te Electric paid more development in China, and is willing to further business cooperation for China's opening up and modernization drive to contribute.

The future in order to better meet customer needs and individual countries to build a better green homes, we continually explore and progress, hard, aggressive, courage, adhere to innovation. Sinai Te will continue to lead the global power and new energy industries, respond to global power, new energy field more rapidly changing challenges.